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Protest – Must Be A Global Convo Ozarii

You know the saying. “If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything”. Well some of us still live like that, Some of us still practice what we preach. In this pop driven era its so easy to live that way. Now to live this way it takes some strong character and not only to live it but to actually sing about it. Bob Marley is a proper example. Greats like Peter Tosh, Junior Gong, Sizzla and many others continue to push those boundaries.

Grounded by the gospel and teachings from church Nevin Blake aka Ozarii the “Golden Mind” is on a journey of promoting his brand new single “PROTEST”. As heavy as this title is Ozarii feels an obligation to melodically shout these words to the world and especially in our country so sweet Jamaica. Covid has lead to many discomforts and all these subjects are viewed in this track.
In a recent interview Ozarii makes it clear that he has to protect his seven year old son and that we all have a part to play in the crime and injustice that’s plaguing our streets. Like any patriot he would like to see an end to all the misery.

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Ozarii is now working on his EP directly with his new label Frenchie Music which is also his management team. They have been associated with them for over five years now.They also think its time to let the world hear them out.
This music will be a positive vibe and he has so much to come for Christmas and 2022. Rumor has it he may be working on a production with super production team Push A Yute Inc.
With his Golden Mind (Set) we know that his lyrical messages will ascend in a high frequency which will transcend to us as a collective.

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