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“owna Lane” Video Out

Teejay 1

Teejay’s ‘Owna Lane’ single, video comes out.

Teejay originally from Montego Bay, continues to get bigger. The Uptop Boss, made waves in dance-hall in 2018 and he has continued to churn out quality music and videos this year under the management of Romeich Entertainment.

“Me no frighten fi links, me have style to mi thing”
“And me no trust some bwoy cah dem will poison mi drinks”
“And if me no rate you me no go round you people”
“Me no waan be no links, cah me know fi hol’ out”
“If me cyaan buy a spliff, much less fi buy a drinks,” Teejay spits.

Teejay - Owna Lane (Official Music Video)