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One By One Ruddie Classic Now Has A Catalogue

Reggae and Dancehall like any other genre has it’s timing, it’s own gauge and it’s very own system. The ones that truly love and understand this mindset is the ones who really love and appreciate this culture. Some acts have been writing for years honing their craft waiting for that one big song. Some despite not getting the gigantic hit has actually carved their own niche and space within the industry. Today we here at Riddims World is going to introduce one of those hard working talented acts.

Rudie Classic is a name we need to get use to Reggae and Dancehall. He is not a rookie nor is he a vet. He is one of those talented artist that has been putting in the work and is now getting his praises for his body of work over the past five, six years. Rudie has performed both locally and internationally and is always on the go when it comes to his career. Several Disc Jocks and entertainment entities have been applauding his hard works. He has released a couple of new projects that are doing well on the mixtape circuit and on the radio. “RUFF OUT YAH” is a single and could be an anthem. It’s the cry of just about everyone on Earth right now. With the pandemic and all.

It s speaks to the core of the inner city and the people who constantly has these daily battles with the system. Poverty and lack of infrastructure is causing all these questions to arise. Not only is he seeking justice but also public out cry to get things right. This is just one of the songs that “Rudie Classic” is using to create a an impact.

The instrumental is hardcore Dancehall which hits at the core. The delivery is simple and the word play brings us back to original Dancehall and the eight bar styles of melodic rhymes.  Rudie shows his versatility by rhyming with meaning and a cause. The chorus is one that punches at us right away.

This is a track for the people and one for Dancehall and the culture. It also shows that Rudie Classic is one to be reckoned with. So we can now see why everyone is slowly accepting that this U.K. based Jamaican Dancehall artist is here to stay.

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