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Nicki Minaj

The Trinidadian in Nicki Minaj came out in full force in her latest track ‘Megatron’. The rapper/actress/model, born in St James, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago showcased her talents in her latest dancehall infused track.

For dancehall fans, listening to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Megatron’ takes you back down memory lane to 1998. This was the year Mr Vegas released his classic jam ‘Heads High’. The song was a hit then and still is within the dancehall community. The track features on  Filthier Riddim produced by Haldane “Danny” Browne in 1998. The dancehall compilation also features Beenie Man, Red Rat and Lady saw.

‘Heads high kill dem wit de no
Just mek ah bwoy know yuh nuh blow
Heads high kill dem wit de no
No bwoy ain’t got no secret fi you wow wow’

True dancehall fans from the 1990s, can testify to knowing these lyrics as the song made its rounds back then as it was a huge success.

After all the Koffee and Rihanna hype its Nicki’s time to shine. The hip hop icon samples off from Filthier Riddim, putting her stamp on the riddim. The video directed by Mike Ho features an all female cast bar one guy. The sexy video showcases Nicki in your face, showing off her curves as women dance with that dancehall vigour.

With the traction Mr Vegas received for ‘Heads High’ this track is sure to be a summer hit not only in the United States but also in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica.

Nicki has managed to get peoples’ attention again as the track picks up views on Youtube, time will tell if it will be as iconic as Mr Vegas’s 1998 classic.

The video alone puts the track in good stead as it is as raunchy and sexy as they come.

Watch the video below.

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