Stylish Involved In Car Accident

stylish involved in car accident

Is it a case of we getting close to the holiday period and the holiday fever has gripped motorists? Another dancehall artist was involved in a motor accident this weekend.

Female dancehall artist Stylish can count her blessings as she survived a car crash yesterday. She went on to address her fans on social media saying,

“I’m counting my blessings I met in a car accident last night. I saw my life flash before me but God a God no weapons form against me shall prosper 🙏 I am thankful for life thank you Jesus prayer me a use n win,” she continued.

A few artists in the business including D’Angel, Stacious, Destiny Sparta, Pamputtae wished her a speedy recovery sending out warm wishes and their prayers.

Stylish, best known for tracks like ‘Fall in Love’ and ‘Me A Wife’, is currently working on new material. I am sure this incident will give her more inspiration, as near death experiences tend to give you another form of inspiration. Look what happened to Kanye West back in 2002.

Stylish - Fall In Love [Official Music Video HD]

This is the fourth dancehall artist to be involved in a skirmish in the fourth consecutive weekend. Sizzla was the first to have an incident, crowd pleasing on his motorbike. Chronic Law followed when his car overturned in Yallahs St Thomas. Last week it was Aidonia in yet another incident this year and just yesterday, Stylish was the latest victim.

Not coming off as ‘Captain Hindsight’ but some of these incidents could have been avoided. Not trying set the bar higher for celebrities but this is not a very good example for their fans and general public.

We wish them all a speedy recovery and hope they get back to doing what they love.

And for the general public, please exercise extra caution this festive season and most importantly do not drink and drive.

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