Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Dancehalls Popcaan Runs On Usain Bolt

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

dancehalls popcaan runs on usain bolt

One thing you are guaranteed by success and popularity is that people are always going to hate.

This adage is ever so relevant to dancehall owing to its competitive nature, and that ugly counterproductive head has reared itself in plain sight again. Just when I was enjoying the Unruly Boss’s reign, he had to say some uncouth stuff. I wouldn’t have imagined the ‘hate’ would come from dancehall’s darling Popcaan, and it was directed at sprinting legend Usain Bolt.

Following his retirement from the running game, Usain Bolt opted for a career in the music business and had mild success with his debut Olympe Rose Riddim. The sprinter kicked on from there and recently released another single titled ‘Living The Dream’. Following this, Popcaan for some reason opted to castigate the sprinter along with his manager (Nugent NJ Walker) citing that Usain was better off promoting artists who actually have talent than recording music himself.

“Wid all due respect legend, me feel like you fi just help up some youth wid real musical talent! Them deyya nuff. NJ a mi fam, but please just give some hungry youth wey actually have the talent tha platform deh”.

Clearly, Popcaan is not a fan of the track but his coldblooded response seems way offside. One would think it was a publicity stunt. However, it’s Usain Bolt. Why go after the fastest man to live? Seems like Poppy has some unresolved issues about his track running. Or feels some type of way about Usain ‘living the dream’.

In response, Usain did not react negatively and left a cryptic message talking about investment of time.

“What is investment?” he questioned. “Usain Bolt won 9 gold medals in 3 Olympics, and he only ran for less than 115 seconds on the track, earning dollars.”

“That’s Economy of effort. But, for those 2 minutes, he trained for 20 years. That’s investment. Think long term. Patience,” Bolt continued.

Kudos to Usain for not stooping to Popcaan’s level. Do your thing Mr Bolt and all the best in your endeavours. Guess we will not be seeing a Popcaan and Usain Bolt collaboration anytime soon.

Usain Bolt, NJ - Living the Dream (Official Video)

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