Beenie Man

Anthony Moses Davis, born 22 August 1973 in Waterhouse, Kingston, is a dancehall and Jamaican reggae singer. He started toasting at the tender age of 5 and has since been a household name for millions of fans all over the world. His talent was discovered by his uncle, Sydney Knowles who was at the time Jimmy Cliff’s drummer.
Beenie Man won his 1st talent show in 1981 at Tastee Talent. Radio DJ Barby G paved the way for him in entering the main stream as well as taught him how to be a DJ. For a season, Beenie-man had to put his music career on hold so he could concentrate on school. In 1992 at the Reggae Sunsplash Festival, he returned to the scene and thereafter his career gained momentum.

During the mid to late 90s, he dominated the Jamaican charts to such an extent that he was given the honorable title – Dancehall King. This title was known to exclusively belong to Yellowman in the early 80s. Beenie Man’s international break occurred in 1997. This ushered the birth of his very first international hit “Who am I”. Fans were ecstatic all over the world and the single went Gold instantaneously. Media platforms such as Newsweek and other world-renowned outlets opened their doors to Beenie Man and the world saw him.

Beenie Man has received a good number of international awards and one of his highlights was his collaboration with Janet Jackson on the song titled “Feel it boy”. To add on his accolade of achievements, he was selected to be the 6th judge at the annual Independent Music Awards in 2007.
One thing for sure is Beenie Man has been nothing short of a real superstar in this genre!

Releases Featuring Beenie Man

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