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Moyann Is All About That Money In Bruck Pocket Man

Moyann 1

In marketing, they say one of the advantages of competition is to bring the best out of companies in terms of quality. The same can be said for music as artists try and sell music and sell out concerts. Shenseea and Spice have been the top picks for female artists currently, but, Moyann is now weighing in on the action. The lady from Montego Bay has just released her latest song Bruck Pocket Man alongside Uptop Boss Teejay.

The track was produced by DJ Frass Records and has a vibrant video to go with it. It features the female artist in a colourful skintight catsuit that instantly turns heads. If there was ever an advert for the worshipping of money this would be it. Teejay dons a crown sitting on a throne with money all around him singing lyrics like,

“yuh nuh chicken head, nuh tek style from nuh man. Yuh get the key, hype pan a gyal.” Advocating that Moyann needs a man who can spend lavishly on her.

Basically the premise of the song is that Moyann can only date a man who will spend lavishly on her and she does not want to deal with a broke man. Its all about the money right Moyann?

Moyann, Teejay - Bruck Pocket Man

The message has been received well by most female fans who grew up with a culture of using men and want to just be taken care of. On the other hand feminist types are not really for the notion. They advocate for financial independence and feel that there are relationships where the woman has more money than the guy. One fan commented on instagram saying,

“who choose di topic ya, song lame cuz of topic,,,,,moyann be careful if yuh want a good buss, we all ina a third world dawg.”

With mixed reviews the songs works in terms of striking a conversation. But, Moyann’s gold digging message with lavish lifestyle tastes paints her in a certain way. To be fair it is probably a true reflection of how the majority of women in Jamaica feel right? The track is trending on Youtube and marks her 2020 introduction.

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