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The visuals for Masicka’s take on Tribaco Riddim just came out last week. Who would have thought he was so pro lesbians, that he would have them be the focus of his song. The song called ‘Blessing’ is about a love interest, where he sings about how she is a blessing in his life. He goes on about how he is going to f**k her for the rest of his life. The song is clearly about a heterosexual relationship and then for the visuals he has a lesbian couple intimate with each other. Interesting how the song title is similar to Shenseea’s ‘Blessed’ track from earlier in the year which features a lesbian couple.

I have nothing against homosexuality but the video is disingenuous to say the least. Had it been a woman singing about a love interest, then showcasing it in her video, I would totally get it, but this feels like just a publicity stunt to get people like myself talking. So yeah, the plan worked.  It’s showbiz yes, but come on Masicka, it reeks of desperation. Or maybe you are after the feminist of the year award?

Vybz Kartel and Squash drew a lot of attention after fans concluded they were promoting lesbian acts in their ‘Beat Dem Bad’ video but the context was very different, as it seemed just like another music video full of women at a party. There was no innuendo of whatever kind, well at least nothing like Masicka’s ‘Blessing’ video.

Taking nothing away from the song, but leave the love songs to people like Jah Cure and Tarrus Riley.

Not to totally knock Masicka’s hustle I will give him props for ‘King Inna Earth’. That’s more like it! This is a more genuine song, with an original music video premise.  But hey in the music biz you hit or you miss. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. There is probably a following of people who loved the video and didn’t read too much into it.

Check out the video for ‘King Inna Earth’ below.

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