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Lutan Fyah delivers another poignant video about the violence in Kingston. He addresses the topic in ‘State of Emergency’ a track which came off an album he dropped back in 2013 titled ‘Is This Love’.

Lutan is known for singing relevant conscious songs like ‘Ungrateful’ on Cardiac Bass Riddim and ‘Rastafari Leads The Way’ on Think Twice Riddim. He does it again in this track showcasing a touching video of a random shooting in a nightclub in Kingston.

A state of emergency is loosely defined as a scenario of nationwide threat or disaster whereby a government suspends typical constitutional procedures in order to regain control. Yes this situation is pronounced by government but it’s always good when people cry out for it, in order for people to realise how bad a situation is. The sad part of it is when it just becomes rhetoric and nothing really happens.

Look at the current situation in the United States of America where there has been a spike in attacks on innocent people from people with their own twisted agenda. In 2012 twenty first graders were shot in Sandy Hook. Following that in 2018 there was a shooting at a high school in Parkland Florida, country fans were shot at a show in Las Vegas and more recently there were shootings in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. With all that in mind nothing has really changed. In terms of dealing with the real cause. Accessibility to guns and its control. And no we can’t just say guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Going back to Kingston, it’s a known fact that there is a real issue with gun violence. Not saying the authorities are not doing anything about it but the more we talk about it the more people are brought to account. Whether it’s in America, Asia or Africa let us all stand up and talk about it. Something really needs to change.

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