konshens with his dancehall love story

Konshens has shrugged off all the negative press and demonstrated once again why we rate him. The Subkonshus Music deejay just dropped a music video for his track ‘Dancehall Story’. The video has currently garnered over 91k Youtube views since its release 3 days ago. The track was produced by Submachine, Ridwaan Razak and Y.G.F. Records.

Konshens has been making headlines recently but not necessary for music reasons. You kind of the get the sense that this is part of a showbiz routine. Step 1. Get peoples’ attention with trivial things. Step 2. Then when you’re antics are fresh in peoples’ minds release a hit song.

Konshens received criticism on social media recently for showing off a gun in one of his Instagram posts. The gesture did not rub people the right way and received some backlash. With all the incidents in Jamaica with violent crime and increased gun control talk in America, it probably wasn’t a good idea.

He also has been embroiled in a well-documented row with I-Octane and Demarco. The beef stems from the pairs criticism of Konshen’s fashion sense and recent nose piercing.

With all this in the background, he has managed to deliver an eye catching short film video, which acts as a marketing tool for himself and Jamaica.

The video tells a love story of a foreigner falling in love with not only the island but also a resident of the island. If you were ever hesitant about visiting Jamaica, wondering if you would have a good time, this video will definitely make your mind up for you.

I am a sure the dancehall fraternity hope Konshens kicks on from this and continues to make year-end bangers. And we don’t have to deal with trivial issues from him.

My visit to Jamaica is long overdue, and Konshens may have expedited my plans to make the trip. 2020 seems like a fitting year.