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Kingston 1

Name – Kingston
Description – Reggae, Conscious
Rating -****(4/5 stars)
Released date – 22 February 2019
Label – Chimney Records
Tracks ; Alaine – Man Crush Everyday, Bounty Killer – Inseparable, Busy Signal – What is a Friend, Prohgres – Only God Can Tell, Romain Virgo – Progress, Shenseea – Heartless

Single of the Riddim (1) Romain Virgo – Progress
(2) Busy Signal -What is a Friend
(3) Alaine – Man Crush Everyday

It was touch and and go deciding which track trumped the selection. Romain Virgo’s Progress delivered a stronger message which will not only resonate with people in Kingston but the world.

The title itself (Progress) says a lot and he is encouraging constant progression in life.

Romain says in his lyrics ” Money a go make this year, I’m gonna win this year, I feel it, And if you nah say progress, Don’t come around near, I’m so focused this year, I’m gonna get my fair share, A just progress, progress, progress, progress, We endorse ’round yah”

A strong message for the youth to stop crying foul and take control of their destiny by working hard and being innovative.

On the other hand Busy Signal’s What is a Friend, is also a very insightful song about friendship where Busy is asking all the pertinent questions.

Other notable mentions, illustrating how well represented the riddim is, was Alaine, Bounty Killer and Prohgres and Shenseea.

Kingston Riddim is an easy going riddim well represented by a 5 star cast of artists who deliver quality pieces of music. From the current 2019 riddim selections Kingston Riddim seems to be hitting the right buttons all round with strong messages that hit home. It will be talked about for a bit and will be highly ranked come year end.

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