Feel good ‘Watch Over Me’ is the latest song from T-Drive. The song produced by Blessed Morning Production was released March 2019

I decided to write this song because of the fight I have endured in life from people, especially the ones close to me. So I always ask God through prayer to watch over me, guide me and protect me,” the artiste explained.

The message he is putting across will hit home with most listeners, attributing to the good response and buzz it got before the tracks official release.

The only question now is whether there will be enough traction so a music video is released.

I do music based on a realistic lifestyle and current situations that are happening in the world,” he remarked. ‘Watch Over Me’ is the latest song from T- Drives catalogue, following on from ‘Friends, Yuh Lie’, ‘Mama Africa’ and ‘Jamaica’. ‘Play A Song For Me’, peaked at No. 1 on the Atlanta Reggae Charts, that being his first single.

Africa Rise, his first album, was released nine years ago, reached the international markets and had some success in Europe and Africa.

How long will T Drive keep coming up with feel good music? Time will tell and with Jah watching over him, he should do just fine.

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