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Arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time, Eminem sampled a dancehall tune on his latest album ‘Music to Be Murdered By’. The track ‘Farewell’ samples Serani’s 2008 hit song ‘No Games’ and is considered one of the stand out singles on the album.

Serani made mention that Eminem was one of the best lyricists in the music business. He also expressed the honour of being sampled by such a master.

“As a producer, I always thought he was smart with the beats he jumped on and always had catchy hooks. So when he went with my biggest song, it makes me proud to know he and his camp respect my music enough to incorporate it within his magical artistry,” he said.

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Two months ago, Eminem’s team contacted Serani’s manager Julian Jones Griffith informing them of the sampling idea. An agreement on the publishing splits was ironed out. It left all parties satisfied, who include Julian, Serani and Phase One Network. Mr Griffith refused to elaborate on the exact figures but assured the world that the deejay was duly compensated well.

Serani told the STAR that other big things were in the works.

“Over the last few years people may think I have been quiet but I have been working on my craft, and I think 2020 we will see the fruition of my time and efforts in studio and me and my manager’s dedication to success,” he said.


Honestly speaking the track may have a dancehall cover but there is nothing dancehally about it. Eminem spits his gritty fiery lyrics with the same ruthless efficiency as like in Marshall Mathers LP. The Real Slim Shady remains relevant and I am sure rap fans are all excited about the album. This is not a real rap/dancehall collaboration and I wonder if Eminem can actually pull it off.

Kudos to you Serani all the same. Despite not having actual figures I am sure this recognition from Em will go a long way.

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