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Dancehall DJ Lady Style Mixes It Up

Lady Style

I am sure everyone can create a playlist with a list of their favourite songs and then play it at a party. Taking it a step further. Modern technologies can help you ensure the songs flow into each other nicely. This is a basically being a dj right? Yes, however, the only difference is the reception you receive from an audience when playing the mix. This is the difference between an ordinary and good dj.

I am sure you have been to a club or party when the DJ is playing songs you like but the party seems to be quite lame. On the flip side. There are scenes where you are not too sure about the songs but find yourself constantly nodding your head and breaking into dance.

DJ Lady Style falls into the latter category, only that she also plays the popular tracks people love and does in such a way that keeps you moving and wanting more. Lady Style is an international female DJ hailing from Paris, France. She has been touring clubs and festivals all over the world for the past 11 years. Her dedication and passion for music has taken her to over 50 countries.

Her latest dancehall mix is testament to her talent and required a special mention. She takes you on a roller-coaster from the early 2000s to 2018. She has a knack of mixing the old and new tracks together while maintaining a high dance tempo. The mix includes Vybz Kartel, Red Rat, Sizzla, Cham, Afro B, Notch, Spice, and some French acts including Paille and Le Aym. She mixes it up well on the turntables including both hardcore dancehall to the more recent modern dancehall.

If you ever wanna get a party started this is the mix for you. But don’t take all the credit when the place starts buzzing. You’ve got to love the French. Kudos to you DJ Lady Style. 5 stars from RiddimsWorld.

DJ Lady Style - Mix live 04 /11 /2019


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