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Demarcos Time Has Come


New look Demarco delivered his latest motion picture music video for his song Till My Time Come. The gritty track is produced by Attomic Records and Hempton Music.

Most music videos have a set plot or portray a certain kind of lifestyle. For example you may find people at a house party. Or it may have the artist and his crew dropping bars in the street. However, Demarco‘s video leaves you wanting more or struggling to understand what it was about. The video has him playing video games, specifically FIFA, by himself, women counting $100 notes and has what you assume is a woman cooking crack cocaine. Judging from the security outside with guys holding AK 47s and him mucking around with a pistol you can’t help but scrutinize the authenticity of the crackhouse.

Demarco - Till My Time Come (Motion Picture Film)

Taking nothing away from the track, Demarco showcases his gangster lyrical talent but the grittiness of the track does not fully come out in the video. Whatever happened to the Love My Life artist of 2011 or the Summertime artist on Overproof Riddim? It’s probably going to take a little bit of time to adjust to slender looking, drug dealer Demarco.

Demarco - Love My Life | Official Music Video

The underrated artist is definitely evolving and is making a new name for himself. The world highly anticipates his new collaborative track with pop sensation Rihanna which is set to be released soon. The pair have been working together and Demarco is said to have produced a few tracks on RiRi’s dancehall album set to be released in December.

Let’s give Demarco a chance though. Despite his latest video, take nothing away from the song itself. This is his time to shine and we anticipate what his new tracks will be about.

Just layoff the drug dealing though. Unless that’s the kind of gangster you are Mr Edwards.


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