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Dancehall Queen 2002 – Island Entertainment


The ever popular Dancehall Queen contest held at Pier One Mobay in 2002, Jamaica was perhaps more popular that year than ever before. Big Head and Pure Playazz Promotion presented the largest Dancehall Queen event ever. The crowd responded well to the 3 titillating rounds from which the victor eventually emerged. Fierce dancing moves exposed an abundance of talent among the contestants who skillfully performed head top dancing, from sound boxes to stage railings. Maneuvering through sensual gyrations the dancehall fans were screaming for more from their favorite performers. However in the final analysis only three of these talents could be rewarded. The response was overwhelming signaling 2002’s winner was a surprise for all. The victory was well deserved and the crowd was not disappointed and expressed their enthusiasm.

dancehall queen 2002 junko