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1990, 1991 and 1992 REGGAE DANCEHALL RIDDIMS

1990 1991 1992 RIDDIMS LIST: 5 Star General Riddim 1992 Penthouse 1995% Black Aka Tonight Aka Lot of Signs...


2006 RIDDIMS LIST: 12 Gage Riddim 12 Gage Riddim (More) 18 Geez Riddim 3 Miles Riddim 316 Riddim 80s...


2012 PROMO RIDDIMS LIST: 1st Quarters Riddim 5 Riddim 4D Riddim 5D Riddim 5th Gear Riddim 1.9 Riddim 58...

Daddy Custom

6IX manager Heavy D recently made claim that the current pool of talent at The 6IX, was, “the best part of dancehall right now whether people like it or not”. He went on further suggesting that 6IX Boss, Squash, was, “the next King of Dancehall”.

While the stats agree with the former quote, I along with a lot of dancehall fans disagree with the bold claim of Squash being the next best thing. Taking nothing away from Squash, it is a little bit premature in making outlandish comments in the infancy of his career. While he is promoting his artist it is disrespectful to players like Popcaan, Alkaline and Busy Signal. They too could possibly assume that title having achieved plenty so far in their careers.

Currently Squash, Chronic Law and Daddy 1 from The 6IX are all on a hot streak topping the statistics charts for most streamed videos. Despite Squash and Chronic Law being the main poster boys. Currently, the hottest track in Jamaica is Daddy 1’s track ‘Custom’. In just two weeks since its release, it has amassed more than 650k views on Youtube. This is significantly influenced by the younger generation who seem to love the catchy interactive track. With constant punch lines and an interactive back and forth rhetoric the track will grow on you upon every listen.

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Adrian Bailey also known as Daddy 1, is the youngest member of The 6IX crew, only turning 20 in 2019. He grew up in the community of Salt Spring in the Montego Bay, St James. Still at the first stages in his career, since 2016, the youngster has had a few good songs worth mentioning. These include ‘Out Here’ and ‘Anthem’. ‘Custom’ is poised to surpass the success of the former songs. Time will tell on Daddy 1’s credibility in the game going forward.

Times have certainly changed, it is no longer just about the Gaza, or the Gully. The 6IX Crew is here to make runs and take over.

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