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Chronixx Pedaling Conspiracy Theories


If there is one thing I have learnt from media hype and celebrities, is that, do not take what celebrities or musicians say as the gospel. Despite the fact that they sell records or act in movies they do not have superior insight into real-life issues. I certainly would not get law advice from a character in tv’s Law and Order, nor would I get health advice from a musician.

Reggae’s top talent Chronixx recently went on a rant about Covoid-19 saying that he doesn’t buy into the hype. On an instagram post he said,

“Not buying the covid 19 bs. Nature is i protection and strong refuge. These tech heads and war heads can’t talk to rastaman about human health. Never! And they can’t destroy all of humanity. They can destroy some, but not all.”

We all like a good conspiracy theory but I am still to get the gist of what Chronixx is saying. Does he not buy into the fact that thousands of people are dying all over the world. Or that the world is at a standstill to try curb the spread. What about the Spanish Flu of 1918? Was that another façade for evil corporations to kill people?

He went on to add, “Most these famous people online using the internet like it’s a play thing. We are in the advent of the greatest crimes against humanity and people out here trying to keep themselves entertained.”

So according to Chronixx there is no pandemic and people should go about their business like normal. If everything is shutdown why can’t musicians entertain people online? The Spanish Town artist is clearly against the proposed vaccination and stated he would only perform to sing against it. But what people are curious about is his general view on the pandemic.

Conspiracy theories have been coming out since the epidemic was declared a pandemic by WHO a few weeks ago. Some say 5G technology is the cause of people dying.  But Chronixx’s evil corporation ramblings do not make any sense. Why cant health professionals talk to rastaman about health issues? Chronixx is not willing to discuss the issue so I guess we will hear from him when he releases his next single. Probably after the pandemic as it might be seen as entertaining people during the pandemic.

Stick to spiritual messages Chronixx. Conspiracy theories are clearly not your strong suit. Or maybe sing about it and we just might understand.