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Chronic Laws Mass Murder

Chronic Law

Just when you think the 6IX/Vendetta feud is coming to an end the lyrical geniuses drop more diss tracks for people to thrive on. My last installment in this saga had Alkaline pronouncing ‘Death Announcements’. This week we focus on two tracks dropped by Squash and Chronic Law.

In a strategic move the pair released their tracks on Friday The 13th (September 2019). The Law Boss showed his loathing for Alkaline in Mass Murder. The audio version on Youtube has amassed over 370k views in just 4 days since its release. The track has a featured picture of the V for Vendetta boss mask with a knife going through its eye. If this was not enough to rile up Alkaline, his crew member Squash also released another diss track for Alkaline titled One Shot. In a another Friday the 13th special, Squash hits hard at the Vendetta Boss.

Mass Murder

After all these tracks, it makes you wonder what happens when this beef dies down? One thing we can all agree on is the level of talent that Alkaline, Squash and Chronic Law all possess. Before the beef started the trio were already rated highly and this extra media attention has also worked in their favour in keeping their names fresh in people’s minds. But it is high time the beef dies down. Before fans get carried away and do something stupid.

Chronic Law - Mass Murder (Official Audio)

These Friday the 13th songs should mark the end of this back and forth for now. Let’s focus on other things now gents. There is a whole lot going on in the world that you can focus on from the burning Amazon, Saudi oil attacks and Jamaican government policies. The world comprehends the loathing you have for one another and it’s high time you give us a break and focus on other things.

Squash - One Shot (Official Audio)

Time will tell how Alkaline reacts. Maybe another artist in his camp can chime in. It is one against two and a fresh sound may be welcome. Or maybe a track for the ladies like Vybz Kartel’s Pretty From Morning may help detract. Either way, watch this space for what comes next in this 6IX /Vendetta saga.

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