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Chronic Law The Lawboss Storyteller

Chronic Law Plastic Smile

As 2020 rolls on and we approach March. There has been one artist who has stood out and needs special mention. Earlier in the year I expressed how prolific Chronic Law had been in 2019, releasing a track every week and he hasn’t showed any signs of letting up. The 6IX member has continued his hot streak and seems to be on the beat in 2020 with a steady release of top tracks so far.

Taking nothing away from the likes of Vybz and Squash but Chronic Law needs special mention as he continues to release relevant quality music. His storytelling has grabbed the attention of his fans as he seems to be going through an emotional renaissance, singing about love, loss and the lifestyle. His latest video release Good Name has him defining the term and stating that he hasn’t got a good reputation. The Lawboss emphasizes how he is not afraid of confrontation and can be violent if the situation arises.

Chronic Law - Good Name (Official Music Video)

On the flip side, the preceding video is about falling in love in Fall in Love. He shows another side to himself showcasing his range and diversity in the sultry video.

Chronic Law - Fall In Love (Official Video)

His other February releases include Smaddy Afi Feel It and Plastic Smile. Chronic Law clearly has a lot on his mind. He sings about the violent culture and the pain and suffering it causes. The poignant Plastic Smile asks a lot of questions and is another good marker for the year.

It’s probably just a hot streak that won’t last too long but I am sure his fans are satisfied with his current work. After the release of Kartel’s, To Tanesha album and Popcaan’s Vanquish, Chronic Law is due a studio album. He definitely has a lot on his mind which can easily be turned into a meaningful project.

Chronic Law - Plastic Smile (Official Audio)



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