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Chronic Law Talks About Friendship

Chronic Law Friendship Super Hero Riddim 1

The latest riddim to be released comes from Kwashawna Records. Super Hero RiddimSuper Hero Riddim features Shawn Storm, Vybz Kartel, Lisa Hyper, Sikka Rymes,  and from the 6ixx, Squash and Chronic Law.

I have not yet heard all the tracks on riddim but after listening to Chronic Law’s take I needed to give you all a heads up. The track entitled ‘Friendship’ gives another dimension on the dynamic on friendship and the Law Boss delivers something very unique. His laid back flow gels well with the riddim which is sure to be a hit for the dancehall faithful.

“Mi never listen wah mi mother tell mi, (wah she say),

She sae, fi sail pan a small boat, you wi sink if you try falla friendship”

Chronic Law - Friendship (Official Audio)

The Law Boss gives a shout out to the Gaza crew showing his loyalty then goes into the song distinguishing his 6ixx crew as family. He basically says to be mindful of friends as there is always a strong element of betrayal that lingers as opposed to what to expect from family. He values his 6ixx family in high regards judging from his previous track ‘One Family’ featuring Squash.

Chronic Law has solidified his place in the dancehall community this year with hit songs such as ‘Hillside’, ‘One Family’, ‘Bless Me’ and ‘Can’t Kill We’ featuring Vybz Kartel. He has also joined the ‘Boss’ fad, hailing himself as the “Law Boss”.

Chronic Law - Bless Me (Official Video)

He has been making the headlines recently following a mishap at Beenie Man’s Summa Sizzle Show. The 6ixx member and Squash had been  scheduled to perform, but unfortunately left without taking to the stage.  The pair claimed to have not been paid their deposit to perform. Ensuing this, there has been a war of words with Beenie Man as to what really happened.

Be sure to give this riddim a listen. It promises to be a good one with The 6ixx crew all over it along with the boys from Gaza.


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