Dovey Magnum And Ishawna Beef


Dovey Magnum And Ishawna Beef

Sticking to general beefs in the dancehall industry I also need to spare some time for the ladies. A beef has been brewing between Bawl Out artist Dovey Magnum and Ishwana. The tension has been getting tighter since 2018 when Dovey threw a shindig where Jada Kingdom and Ishawna were scheduled to perform. The pair made last minute cancellations leaving Dovey disappointed. Jada was able to give reasons for the snub later on but nothing came from Ishawna. Jada responded saying her cancellation was not out of disrespect but that she had issues with another performing artist at the party.

So from 2018 the pair performed once again in the Bronx and there was a lot of bad energy at the end of the performance. This negative energy resurfaced again following Dovey’s appearance on New Yorks ‘The Breakfast Club’. The raunchy artist spoke about ‘p***y juju’ and ‘juju p***y’ explaining the definition of what she had sang about in June in her song Juju.

Ishwana took some time out on social media commenting on the related post saying she thought it was mad ratchet and vulgar. She went on further saying;

“Just sounded mad ratchet and VULGAR / Ouuu so you going there, hold on lemme grab my popcorn and turn the Tv down cause someone aguh #Bawlout / This a no little shot ino big gun shoot this lol / Hello? Calling for back up! Shots have been fired! I repeat! Back up! Shooootsss have been firrrrrreeed”

At least this cat fight has not degenerated to death threats. It makes for good material to write and read about. Dovey’s latest song is hella raunchy though. Just when you think it cannot get more vulgar she drops another hit. Sex is Lovely, once again showcases how much the artist is about that life. From Bawl Out, Juju to Sex Slave, Dovey owns this niche sub-genre.

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