Moving away from diss tracks and cat fights we have another hit from HoodCelebrity. Tina Pinnock affectionately known as HoodCelebrity delivered her latest single Bum Pon It. The track has garnered a modest 170k views since its release (Aug 30). However, that is usually the trend from the American based dancehall artist.

Originally from Portmore, Jamaica, Tina is signed to Epic Records and is now based in the Bronx where she makes her music. She has had mixed success from various tracks and the general trend is that her songs gain traction slower than Jamaican based artists. Only that she is based in the States, HoodCelebrity delivers in your face dancehall worthy of a second third listen. She has had success with tracks like Walking Trophy, Island Girls and The Takeover. The former peaking at number 22 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart.

In 2017 Miss Pinnock released her 2nd mixtape which peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart.

With her steady come up, HoodCelebrity continues to impress especially in her latest track ‘Bum Pon It’. Making the right sort of headlines we look forward to more jams from the American based artist. Going back to Jamaica may accelerate her rise as the dancehall home fans will get more acquainted with her. She is firing on the same levels, if not better than other female deejays including Spice, Jada Kingdom, Ishawna and Shenseea. Tina is not ‘type cast’ to just raunchy tracks like Dovey Magnum and Ishawna but is more versatile with a wide range of dancehall tracks.

Dancehall is dominated by men and this is mainly due to how prolific the men are. In a more competitive market, artists like Popcaan and Alkaline can go on a long spell releasing a track a week. This is something that doesn’t happen on the female side.

With a little more ruthlessness HoodCelebrity can rise to higher levels. She just needs to produce a lot more good music she is clearly capable of making.

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