Friday, March 24, 2023

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Aidonia Releases Latest Project Dats A Trap

Aidonia 5

Having a discography of 2 studio albums, 3 mixtapes and numerous singles, Aidonia released his latest project Dat’s a Trap. The 4th Genna Boss dropped the long awaited 17 track album on his birthday. Aidonia has been rather quiet on the album scene as he last released an album in 2015. Nevertheless, the 4th Genna Boss has dropped numerous singles keeping his place in the dancehall fraternity.

The album features singles including Emotions and Finessing.


  1. Numero Uno
  2. Clean & Trendy
  3. Finessing
  4. VVS
  5. DM
  6. Bad Bitch
  7. Emotions
  8. Let’s Never End
  9. Bounce Up On It
  10. Some Cuddle Shit
  11. Up On The Moon
  12. 365 Nights
  13. Trappin
  14. Friends Or Enemies
  15. Real Killa
  16. Thompson
  17. Kit Kat Bars

Aidonia exploits the trap-dancehall sub-genre and has already had success with tracks like Up On The Moon and Clean and Trendy. The album was met with much enthusiasm from young dancehall fans and there is buzz on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts. The deejay posted the progress of the album on the Itunes charts, having reached number 3 on the Reggae Album Chart.

Aidonia - Datz Ah Trap Movie (Episode #1)

Aidonia’s flow and delivery has definitely evolved as he is involving a lot of hip-hop elements. The mixtape showcases the different facets of dancehall with the added trap feel. With a balance of earthy, gun-slinging and weed songs, Aidonia reminds us just how good he can be. He goes at it alone this time without having any significant collaborations. Onton, JAYDS, Size 10, Shokryme and Patience do feature on 3 different singles.

Dancehall is constantly changing and artists need to evolve with it to stay relevant. It will take time for the oldskul players to appreciate this new type of trap-dancehall but its worth your time. Give Aidonia an hour to convince you that trap-dancehall is here to stay. Dat’s a Trap is the new buzz that we all need to get to grips with.

Trappin Feat. Jayds, ShoKryme, Tanso, Patience, Onton (Official Audio)

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