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A Closer Look At Tan A Yaad Riddim

Tan A Yaad Riddim 2020

Can the pandemic and lockdown just end already? There has been a steady release of riddims which deserve to be heard in a party session. Tan A Yaad Riddim is the latest rhythm from 5 Star Camp Productions. The catchy riddim features Beenie Man along with Macka Diamond, D’Angel, Mr Easy, Silver Cat and a few other deejays.

Beenie shines as usual with Money Hunt but the stand out track for me has to be Scamdemic by Little Hero. The song goes on about COVID-19, saying it’s just a planned scam by the powers that be. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the insinuations may defeat efforts to curb infections. Conspiracy theories are part of society and this is fodder for the fire. Pleading ignorance may be the solution at times but all I know is that people are dying in their numbers all over the world. So no, I don’t think its all a scam.

The riddim touches on other important issues including everyday struggles like discrimination, confidence and employment. The riddim has that old-school feel and should be a winner for dancehall purists.


  1. Beenie Man – Money Hunt
  2. Macka Diamond – Best Life
  3. D’Angel – Turn Him On
  4. Nesbeth – Fast Pace
  5. Mr Easy – Naa Stray
  6. Silver Cat – Mr Lockeni
  7. Noddy Virtue – Baby
  8. Cyco Flamz & Toxik – Try Again
  9. Peddigree – Confident
  10. Ras Calico – Things Get Slow
  11. Little Hero – Scamdemic
  12. Ishadrock – Legends
  13. 5Star Camp – Tan A Yaad Riddim (instrumental)

More riddims like this are needed as they remind us of the music the world fell in love with decades ago when the genre took centre stage. The genre has not grown as many would have hoped. However, the genre has evolved on a pop tip with strong influence from rap and hip hop which annoys many purists. Tan A Yaad rolls back the years and the deejays deliver that familiar flow. Take some time to listen to the riddim. And who knows, Little Hero may be onto something.

Tan A Yaad Riddim (Mix-Aug 2020) 5 Star Camp Production

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