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6ix/vendetta Feud Enter Jahmiel

Jahmiel 1

Never was there a moment that you thought Alkaline was in over is head, going against the boys from the 6IX. Alkaline has lyrically held his own against Squash in the back and forth going on over the past 3 weeks. His last diss track, ‘Most Wanted’, delivered a telling blow to his opponents and we got the sense the 6IX had been contained.

Friday the 13th (Sept 2019), sprung a two pronged attack on the Vendetta Boss. Both Squash and Chronic Law had a go at the deejay in, One Shot and Mass Murder respectively. The dual attack seemed to be a necessary evil in dealing with the rogue deejay who has had to deal with heat from Bounty Killer and Popcaan as well.

However, even before the dust could settle, Jahmiel introduced himself to the equation with ‘Murderous’. A diss track aimed at Chronic Law.

I got the sense that Jahmiel had been annoyed by the fact that it had been Alkaline vs the World and felt compelled to step in. The deejay from Portmore joined Alkalines corner and delivered a telling blow on Chronic Law at least. Squash was certainly not spared and this diss track could be the track that settles everything.

Jahmiel has definitely been holding in a lot of stuff pertaining to his dislike for the 6IX, and it all came out. His wordplay, and punchlines were exceptional. The track was delivered well, marking the success of well premeditated attack. The deejay summed it up with his line to Vybz Kartel saying “them teacha shouldn’t left the students.”

Vybz Kartel also known as the ‘Teacher’ has an ongoing alliance with the Montego Bay based 6IX. That said, the punchline from Jahmiel works as both an attack on the 6IX and a salute to the Worl’Boss.

Is the Alkaline 6IX war over? Jahmiel has certainly made an impact to this feud and time will tell what happens going forward. Jahmiel has certainly won this battle.

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