Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Grand Prize Riddim by Lone Don Entertainment

grand prize riddim - lone don entertainment



  1. Loyal Flames – Time Change
  2. Guinney Pepper – Rest of My Life
  3. Divvi – Moon Walk
  4. Amechie – Happy Time
  5. Singing Sweet – Committed
  6. Keena – I Still Love You
  7. Little Kirk;Swayne Lonesome – It Should Be
  8. Mel C – I Love You
  9. Rally Banks – She Loves Me Now
  10. Mark Ten – Smiling Face
  11. Natty Brookx – Touch of Girls
  12. Fyah George – Journey
  13. Little Kirk – Baby I Love You
Grand Prize Riddim Mix (Full) Feat. Singing Sweet, Fyah George, Loyal Flames (August 2019)

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