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Top 10 Dancehall Riddims Of 2014

Top 10 Dancehall Riddims

With the 90’s revival movement in full swing in 2014, DJ Frass chose the perfect time to bring back the vibes of 1998’s iconic Brukout Riddim in the form of Gwaan Bad. This release stuck to the hard subject matter familiar with Brukout, with most artists on the Gwaan Bad riddim warning foes not to test. Still, Leftside and Elephant Man managed to sneak in a few dancing chunes, and we got to hear the only new release for 2014 by the still-incarcerated Buju Banton with his youth-inspiring track “Make It.”. Another incarcerated dancehall star of 2014 (arguably the best for the year), Vybz Kartel also features on the riddim with a song titled “Make Di Star Shine”

  1. Gwaan Bad Riddim – Dj Frass
  2. Boom Box Riddim – Notnice Records
  3. Happy Hour Riddim – Chimney Records
  4. Promiscuous Riddim – Zj Dymond
  5. The Good Book Riddim – H20 Records
  6. Wul Dem/Wul Dem Again Riddim – Yellow Moon Records And Dj Sunshine
  7. Rvssian Riddim – Head Concussion Records
  8. Greatest Creation Riddim – Juke Boxx Production
  9. Nuh Fraid Riddim – Jah Snow Cone
  10. Work Permit Riddim – Yard Vybz

Gwaan Bad Riddim Mix {Dj Frass Records} [Dancehall] @Maticalise



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